Buyer Protection Program

When you submit an offer, you are automatically covered by our escrow provider’s Buyer Protection Program.

1: Offer ...

When your offer is accepted and your payment received, the funds are placed in escrow

2: Ownership Transfer ...

Next action is taken to have the domain ownership transfered to you. When completed and the domain name is in your name, you receive confirmation.

3: Payment ...

For you, the buyer, this is probably the best peace of mind. The seller receives payment only when the domain name is in your control.

** BUY NOW: If you select Fair Market Value and the domain name is available, you will have it

** MAKE OFFER: If you prefer to negotiate, during negotiations any offer received higher than yours will be worked first. If a BUY NOW offer is received, that offer will take the domain name.

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Disclosure: Domain name was available at time of listing. Domain Buyers Market is not responsible for accuracy of domain listing.