Redirect Domain Name: Unlock the Power of Simplicity and Efficiency!


The ability to redirect a domain name allows you to have a single website and have multiple domain names pointing to it.

People and businesses register more than one domain name so as to reach a wider  audience, expand their brand, or specifically promote a new product, service, or event.

Redirecting a domain name is seamlessly routing internet users from the domain name (URL) they entered in their web browser to another location on the web.

For example, you enter That internet address, or URL, could point you to

  • ABC77 home page,
  • a specific page on ABC77 (like a product description page),
  • a totally different website, for example DEF89
  • a social media page (like ABC77’s LinkedIn profile),
  • essentially anywhere on the world wide web, or to a 404 ‘page not found’.


Why Redirect A Domain Name

There are many reasons for redirecting a domain name. Some of the more common rational includes …

  1. Cost-Effective

Redirecting is like taking a shortcut to an online destination. It is budget-friendly because you do not need to develop a separate website, pay for hosting, and ongoing developer fees.

  1. No Hosting Required

As mentioned, you do not need to host a domain name that is being redirected. You can forget about complex server configurations and maintenance or paying someone to manage them for you. When redirecting a domain name, there is no need for any kind of hosting. Redirecting a domain name is like having a virtual express lane to an alternate destination.

  1. Personal or Business Email Addresses

Imagine having your own custom email addresses tied to your domain? Redirecting allows you to maintain your professional identity with personalized email accounts. Whether it is or, you are covered! Note, not all domain name registrars include or allow email without hosting. If having one or more email addresses matching the domain name that you are going to point elsewhere is important to you, check with the registrar before buying. Alternatively, reach out to me. I’d be happy to assist you.

  1. Stay Ahead of Competitors

Don’t let your competitors snatch up a domain name matching your business or niche. Grab it before they do. Then redirect it to secure your online turf. When a competitor secures a matching domain name related to your product, service, or niche, it could potentially confuse your audience when they are looking for your service. Worse case is it might actually have your prospective clients mistakenly aligning themselves with someone offering a similar service or product.

  1. Tracking

There are tools that can track clicks before redirecting. You can measure the effectiveness of your redirect domain name. It is not uncommon to discover that a domain name that closely matches your business or service you provide gets more hits than the actual domain name you originally registered for your business.

Conclusion: Redirect Domain Name Simplicity & Efficiency

An often-overlooked opportunity is to redirect an available business, personal, or niche related domain name before someone else, like a competitor or someone with your exact same name, does.

When not immediately developing a website on a domain name, redirecting is a strategic move simplifying your online presence, saves you money, and protects the domain name from being taken over by a less scrupulous actor.

Redirects are convenient. They can be shortcuts to longer or harder-to-remember web addresses (URLs). This improves discoverability. It results in more return visitors. For example, if you were looking for information about the Welsh village locals refer to as Llanfair PG would you prefer to enter or longestinthe Either one will get you to the same landing page.

Redirects are important for branding and professional recognition. If your actual website name is difficult to remember, spell, or has hyphens, a shorter more business specific redirect will make it easier for you to be found.

Finally, it is not uncommon for businesses to have multiple domain names. Often they have a domain name registered for each division, product, or service. This not only helps drive more traffic to the main business but it is generally people specifically searching for that one product or service. Multiple niche or business specific domain names makes it easier to be found.

In closing, redirecting a domain name is indeed one tactic to unlock the power of simplicity and efficiency when growing your business or personal reach.

As always, I am an email away if you need a little assistance 😊