Redirect Domain Name Secure More Business for Pennies

Redirect a domain name provides business owners, professionals, contractors, sales people, Realtors and just about anyone who wants a web presence a premium domain name at a fraction of the cost to purchase, host, and manage one.

If you already have a website, why have another domain name? To attract more business. More opportunities. More trafficIt is that simple.

Most large companies own many domain names!

Some have a domain name for each product or service. Others have multiple domain names to better capture the way in which people search on the internet. And the internet is the first place people search for the services or products you provide.

Having multiple domain names that reflect where you are, Barrie or Houston, for example and what you offer, metal roofing, solar panels, dentures, etectra gives you a better chance of being found.

Plus, and this is a big one, renting an available popular domain name related to your business prevents your competition from acquiring it.

ReDirect a Keyword Rich Domain Name

When you redirect a keyword rich domain name, you can use it for promotions, tracking where leads come from, targeting a specific market, and so much more.

For example, let’s say someone is searching for ‘condos’ in your city. Imagine if a Real Estate agent had access to ““.

Let’ say you live in Moncton. Someone searching for condos in Moncton would search for either “condos in Moncton” or type “” in the web browser.

When that happens, would forward to the Real Estate Agent renting that domain name.

Do you think that would bring in leads? 

Let’s say you are a professional who does not have a webiste. But you do have  a profile on LinkedIn. You could easily point your rented domain name there. 

Or, how about a self-employed painter. Imagine if “” had a Request a Quote form or book appointment form on the page the rented domain name redirected to. Do you think that painter would get more opportunities?

Absolutely. And so will you!

Let's Get Started ....

Redirecting a popular domain name to your webiste or social media profile prevents the competition from acquiring it!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Table of Contents

Why would anyone want to redirect a domain name?

Redirecting is a proven inexpensive professional option to have a valuable domain name point to one of your web pages or social media page.

Another benefit is it prevents others, like your competition, from reaping the benefits of controlling it.

Is it expensive to redirect a domain name?

To redirect a domain name from our inventory is only $9.95 per month.

Can I build a website associated with the domain name?

Yes, that option is available. Monthly investment $29.95.

Service includes maintenance, updates, technical support, and getting-started coaching.

WordPress is the preferred platform for developing your own website. We also provide installation and maintenance for Joomla, Drupple, Moodle, and many other platforms including e-commerce.

Are there additional fees?


For redirecting a domain name, there is an annual $39.95 management fee.

If you want to rent and  build a website on the domain name, annual management fee of $39.95 plus annual hosting fee of $99.

What about email?

You can have as many email addresses @domainname you are renting as you need. Each is $1.50 per month.

You can retrieve your email through your exclusive @domainname webmail account or have the email address forwarded elsewhere, for example Gmail.

Many clients request a sales@, info@, support@, and similar email addresses for the domain names they are redirecting.

Is there a minimum billing period?

Yes. The minimum billing period is 3-months.

I'm just starting out, can I still buy the domain name in the furure?

Absolutely. You can make an offer to purchase the domain name at anytime.

What are the payment options?

Credit card or EFT. Our preferred payment processor is PayPal. Invoicing is quarterly.

NOTE: We will NEVER ask for payment or credit card information. Nor will we ever have access to that information. All payment information handled securly through the payment processor. 

What about refunds?

Because this is a digital service, there is no pro-rated refund or refund of any kind.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time. The domain name will remain active until the end of the current billing period.

Unacceptable Use

We do not redirect to websites promoting hate or violating the rights of others. Nor do we provide services to websites that do.

Domain Buyers Market has the right to cancel the rental agreement anytime by providing 60 days notice to the email address on the rental form.

Who Is Domain Buyers Market?

Domain Buyers Market is a 100% Canadian owned and operated Domain Name Broker. 

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