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To purchase a domain name listed in Domain Buyers Market, for security and your protection Stripe and PayPal are the secure payment processors we use. You do not need to have an account with either of them to buy a domain name.


Each premium domain name listed on Domain Buyers Market has a link to Stripe and PayPal. Select one and complete the payment details.


Once payment is confirmed, that will release an email with your user name and password to take control of the domain name you purchased.

Note: PayPal and Stripe securely handle payment processing. Domain Buyers Market has no access to your payment information and will NEVER ask you for that information.

How Long Can A Domain Name Be Registered

When you purchase a domain through Domain Buyers Market, you are acquiring the exclusive right to use that domain name for the duration of the registration.

Domains can typically be registered for between one and 10 years. Prior to the registration expiration date, for you to remain the registered owner, the domain name must be renewed.

What Happens After Payment Is Confirmed

Once the payment processor confirms payment, an account is created for you at WebsiteWebHostingServices.com.

You will receive an email from them with your login information.

At Website Web Hosting Services, you are able to easily manage your domain settings. Plus you receive three free email inboxes even if you do not select a hosting package. You are also able to transfer the domain to any other registrar of your choice.

How Is The Price for a Domain Name Calculated

The pricing formula used by Domain Buyers Market includes a review of GoDaddy GoValue appraised value, keyword search volume, and fair market value analysis.

Are There Any Other Fees

When you purchase a domain name through Domain Buyers Market, there is a one time transfer fee of $19.95. This fee only applies should you chose to have Domain Buyers Market transfer the domain to another registrar or hosting service other than Website Web Hosting Services. Additionally, transferring the domain could, in some instances, be delayed for a week or longer.

What If The Domain Name I Want Is Not Listed On Domain Buyers Market

If the domain name you are interested in is not listed on Domain Buyers Market Exclusive Listings, you can check to see if the domain is available at Website Web Hosting Services.

We recommend Website Web Hosting Services for domain registration as there is no multi-year contract. Often domain name registrars will offer a ridiculously low price for a domain name registration on a multi-year contract. In year two and beyond, subscribers get slammed with increases that more than compensate for the loss on the first year registration of their multi-year commitment.

Additionally at Website Web Hosting Services there are no upsells. That is, you get to pick your platform, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others. You get to choose from hundreds of themes. You get three email accounts with just registering the domain name and a minimum of a 100 email addresses when you get a basic hosting package. Plus many extras that other hosting providers upsell you on.

You can review their service packages here.

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