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3 Reasons Why You Need To Register Yours

Register your personal domain name today. Yes, it is that important that you register your personal domain name!

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Times have changed in both the corporate and business world. One has to up their game to remain ahead of competitors. Whether you are a professional or a business owner, owning a personal domain name is essential.


There are the obvious reasons. A domain name makes it easy for clients to reach a business or organization. It provides a professional image. Your personal domain name with current content and a recognizable address provides credibility.

And there are many other reasons why you should have your personal name registered as a domain name.

Below are 3 reasons to register a personal domain name. They are not all inclusive. But they are key considerations if you want to be taken seriously on the world wide web.

1. Register Your Personal Domain Name for Brand Identity

Even as an individual, you are a brand. If you are a business, identity is critical to your success.

What people fail to realize is that their given names can be easily hijacked. We hear stories all the time about dishonest people who look for ways to exploit other people.

One way this is done is by developing someone else’s name into a website for less than friendly purposes.

For example, let’s say your name is Abigail Mars, a professional engineer.

A fraudster could easily develop a website with your name, grab a graduation picture of you, perhaps a couple of images off of your business LinkedIn listing, Facebook, or off your corporate website.

Next, by easily selecting personal information from your online listings along with your work address and related corporate information, someone with fraudulent intentions could develop a landing page and contact us page that looks 100% like you but redirects to …!

Yes, it is that easy. This is one of the top reasons why you should register the domain name that matches your name.

2. Easily Found

As a professional, you need to be easily found. Especially if you are providing a service. Consumers will check you out. A personal website allows you to be in control of the information you want shown.

Yes, social media, like LinkedIn, is often a go-to place prospective clients look. Unfortunately, as much as you think you are in control of the information displayed, you are not. In fact, there is no guarantee your name will be listed at all. The social media site owner manages what and who is displayed and when; not you.

Register domain name be found.

As an aside, we understand that getting a good domain name can be challenging and time-consuming. Often, even your personal name is unavailable.

This is why there is a sense of urgency to check see if your first and last name is available to register as a domain name.

3. Control SEO Rankings

Control SEO ranking might be a little over-the-top as a discussion if all you want is to protect your first and last name as a domain. If that is your intention, then you can skip this.

On the other hand, if you are a professional, say a personal coach, sales professional, or Realtor, then you want the search engines to populate the first page with your name when someone searches for the services you provide. This is especially important if your niche is a specific geographical area or expertise.

Every domain needs the right keywords to rank.

These keywords determine your online impact and how visible your website is. Therefore, your domain name must match the intentions of those searching for you. You can achieve this by coming up with phrases or keywords that online visitors would use to search for the services you provide.

By registering a domain with your first and last name, you will have a broader coverage of the phrases frequently used by web visitors when searching for your business. In addition, a personal domain will ensure you appear on the search results every time someone keys your name in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Conclusion 3 Reasons To Register Your Personal Domain Name

A personal domain name has many benefits. If you are in business or working as a professional, using your first and last name will provide credibility.

Additionally, a personal domain name helps you maintain brand identity and stand out.

Plus, it makes it more difficult for fraudsters to create a compelling website with your name to create havoc for others and you.

Finally, even if you do not plan to develop your name into a website, you can leave it parked or redirect it to another developed domain name or social media profile like LinkedIn.

To see if your first and last name is available, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Website Web Hosting Services (
  2. Enter your name in the Get Your Unique Domain Name field
  3. Decide if you want dot com or any of the other 140 plus TLDs
  4. Click on Register to check out when you find the one you are happy with.

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