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It Starts With a Domain Name

A domain name, or Web address, is like your civic mailing address. It is the address where you can be found online. 

How to Order Your Domain Name

  1. Replace my-best-domain with the name you want. E.G. bobjonescrafters
  2. Select the TLD (top level domain) you want. E.G. .com. .ca, .org, .church, …
  3. Click SEARCH
  4. Scroll down and select Sole Domain to register the domain name only. Select Domain + Hosting to register the domain name and a hosting plan.
  5. After making your choice, Click ORDER
  6. The Register Domain Name(s) screen will open
  7. Confirm the TLD (.com, .ca, etc.) that you want. You can select more than one.
  8. At bottom click on Next >> Enter Whois Details
  9. Complete the Registrant information fields (your name, address, etc.)
  10. Click Next >> add domain(s)
  11. Complete the required fields
  12. If you selected Domain + Hosting, select your hosting plan
  13. When finished, at the bottom of the page, click on Complete Registration.
  14. Follow the prompts on the next page and you are all set.

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