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What Is MetaDomainer?

  • It’s The Ultimate WordPress Plugin for Domainers
  • It Creates Nearly INSTANT Websites for an Unlimited Number of Domains.
  • It Gives You the Power to Control All of Your Domain Names From One Central Location.
  • It Allows you to Create Small Business Websites Faster Than You Can Read This One Sentence!
  • It Creates a Complete Portfolio of ALL Your Domains, and Displays Them All in a “Storefront”, ready to sell.
  • Many, many more powerful features.

Some of the Features of MetaDomainer

  • Create Superfast Mobile Responsive pages
  • Create Amazon Ad Pages, For Sale Pages, Custom Websites
  • Manage your domain portfolio in one dashboard
  • Have 100% control over your parked pages, no shared earnings
  • Run one ad code across all your domains
  • Custom headers/footers for codes, tags and pixels
  • Control pages remotely or use static html
  • Redirect domains with meta redirects
  • Use with Registrar Masking services
  • Organize your domains with categories and tags
  • Create your own link network and affiliate links
  • GDPR compatible with cookie consent and affiliate disclaimers
  • Bootstrap 4.0 CDN and Font Awesome loaded
  • Display your domain portfolio using short-codes

Who Created MetaDomainer?

Dan, Gene and Michael are three very experienced domainers who have sold single domains with prices ranging from $100 to $100,000.00+.

In fact Gene has been selling domains professionally for almost two decades. Dan sold his first domain in 1996, and is most well known for creating popular WordPress products.

We KNOW exactly what the challenges are Domainers face.

MetaDomainer was created to provide the tools needed to monetize and sell profit domains.

Watch Dan Find A Domain Name, Register It, And Make A “Live” Business Website in Just a Few Minutes Using MetaDomainer

MetaDomainer Gives
You Total Control

When you’re building a domain portfolio there’s some basic things you really want…

A way to put a nice website up fast

  • A way to track stats
  • A way to monetize the website
  • A way to list your domain inventory for sale
  • A way to do all of the above quickly and easily
  • And those are the main reasons we created MetaDomainer. It eliminates all these obstacles in the easiest way possible.

The MetaDomainer WordPress plugin enables you to create super-fast, nice looking, one-page websites for your whole domain inventory.

Creates HTM
and PHP Pages!

MetaDomainer gives you the HTML or PHP version of the page (completely self-contained without WordPress), which you can upload via FTP or File Manager to an AddOn Domain, or you can just use domain forwarding/masking to the page location on your WordPress install (it’s really easy, watch the video).

This allows you to have one dashboard view of ALL your domains, organize them by categories and tags, track stats and change your websites on the fly.

Traffic Statistics
at a Glance

With MetaDomainer, you’ll now see traffic stats, both unique and total to each one of your domain names at a glance. Your MetaDomainer Dashboard lists all your domain names and traffic in one easy to view list.

How much would it suck if you discovered that domain you registered a year ago has had 1000’s of people hitting it? A lot of people register expired names and never realize that it had backlinks driving monthly targeted traffic to it.

Are You A Web Designer?

You may think that MetaDomainer is just for people who buy and sell domains, but take a closer look.

You’ll see it’s one of the fastest website building tools ever. If you just need to create simple one page websites, you can create them in seconds using MetaDomainer.

Maybe we should have called it MetaDesigner. (Note: extended license required for client use)

Instant “Store Front” Lists All of Your Domains for Sale!

Now you can FINALLY have a complete “For Sale” listing of all your domains where people can buy or make you an offer.

The best part is, this is automatically generated for you!

All you do is choose which domains you want in the list, and place one simple shortcode on the page where you want this portfolio list to appear.

MetaDomainer For Serious Domainers and
Website Developers

Monetize Your Domain Names In Seconds!

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