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Manage Domain Listings Event Calendars Make It Easy

Manage domain listings with these two new domain calendar features. Whether you are a reseller or a hosting customer, each calendar to manage domain listings is found in your control panel.

If you are a hosting customer, your calendar will display the expiration dates for registered domains and your account’s expiration date.

If you are a Reseller, your calendar will display:

  • expiration dates for registered domains;
  • expiration dates for active DNS Clusters,
  • the date for commission payments if the commission release level you selected has been reached,
  • important dates for all reseller stores. You won’t have to subscribe to a new calendar for each store.

Where to Find The Domain Listings Calendar Feature

The calendars to manage domain listings are available in the header of both control panels. Detailed instructions on how to implement them is there as well.

Manage Domain Listings Domain Buyers Market

What is truly powerful is that the calendars will update instantly. This means as soon as you add a new domain name or renew your account, the changes will be populated on your calendar.

Manage Domain Listings Domain Buyers Market

Another great feature is that past events will not be saved. What this means is that when you renew your account, the renewal event will be moved to a new date. This prevents confusion with duplicate reminders.

More Domain Listing Calendar Features

Two additional options to the reseller event calendar include being able to see the expiration dates for the domains and hosting accounts of your customers.

These can easily be added to your calendar by going to your Reseller Control Panel and enable the two new checkboxes in the Calendar modal dialog.

You will have to then subscribe to the new URL, which will feature all the events which are available including all the additional options you have chosen.

Domain Buyers Market Calendar Events Feature

Easily Add Events Calendar to Your Device

These new calendar features to help you better manage domain listings are compatible with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook 2010 and above
  • Outlook 2007
  • Mac OS iCal
  • Yahoo Calendar
  • iOS 11+ (newer iPad, iPhone, etc.)
  • iOS (older iPad, iPhone, etc.)

And, as in all features that we provide, complete easy to follow implementation instructions are included.

Summary Manage Domain Listings Event Calendars

Domain Buyers Market, along with its sister company Website Web Hosting Services is a full service domain name registrar, hosting provider, and premium domain name reseller.

Our focus is business owners, professionals, sales people, and others determined to have a web presence on a DIY basis. We provide leading edge technology and 24/7 support. Most recognizable is our all inclusive domain hosting features making it affordable for just about anyone to get online. In fact, you can register a domain name and have three complimentary email addresses without having to invest in a hosting account.

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