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If the lifetime value of a single new customer covers your investment in this domain name, imagine the multiplier effect ...

Safe. Easy. Affordable!

… this dot com domain name has the potential to bring in more. Much more.

Studies prove quality dot com domain names lead to:

  • enhanced branding,
  • better search engine optimization (SEO),
  • additional marketing benefits.


Available Today Maybe Not Tomorrow

Our network is seriously marketing this domain name. It is available now. We cannot guarantee it will be available tomorrow.

What if the next owner is a competitor? Is that a chance you want to sleep on?

Why Own A Domain Name Matching Your Business

When someone asks you to look up information on the web, do they say, “Search for this on the web…” or are they more likely to say, “Google this …”?

When someone needs to wipe their nose, do they say, “Pass me a tissue…” or are you more likely to hear “Pass me a Kleenex…”?

How Important Is A Dot com Domain Name

Think of the number of web addresses, URLs, you type in your web browser each day. How often do you type anything other than dot com?

Now ask yourself, “If a potential customer saw my business name and decided to look us up, how likely are they to type anything other than dot com?

What About Email

Let’s say you receive a request for service through the contact form on your website. The prospect has also requested pricing from two other businesses as well. Each replys by email.

Which reply do you think the prospect would consider more trustworthy, more professional, more serious about their business – sales@gmail, sales@outlook, sales@yahoo, sales@aol, or Sales@YourBusinessName.com?

Just the appearance of a free email service raises the question of how serious a person is about their business. And we’ve all heard the stories of scammers who take full advantage of using free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

As a business owner, that is not the first impression I would want to give prospects and potential future customers

Are you any different?

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