How to DIY Your Website Without
Compromise or Paying Big Bucks

How to DIY your website? Easy. Get some practical instruction. And yes. It is just that easy! How do you do that without paying big bucks? Again, easy.

Below, I’ll share with you what I learned when someone asked me “Why don’t you DIY your website?” But first, let me tell you about the people who successfully DIY their websites.

DIY your website without chewing on pencils.

DIY Your Website for High Achievers

If you are like most small business owners and entrepreneurs I come alongside, you are already a high achiever. You are committed to being the best you can be. You are determined to do what is required to see results for your efforts.

You see beyond what is before you. Like many of my clients, you recognize a website is a key element in achieving your vision.

You have the energy, creativity, and stamina. But there is something in the way, isn’t there?

It feels like endless hoops to go through. Each step is like a stone crumbling into pebble after pebble after pebble.

Launching your website seems like a race where the finish line keeps moving.

Friendly support is evasive – if at all. Its like a sea of sharks where everyone wants a chunk of you.

Still Interested in the Idea to DIY Your Website

If the above sounds familiar, you are not alone.

I’ve been there, too.

I know what it feels like to question how something that is marketed as being so easy can be so baffling.

I know what it feels like to have your vision to DIY your website shredded bit-by-bit by an inability to corral the maze of loose ends.

For years, I struggled to champion it all. And my frustration resulted in upsets.

The lack of practical instruction and support was frustrating.

Practical Instruction Get Some Coaching

The turnaround for me came when an associate pulled me aside for a frank chat.

He recognized my frustration. He saw how much wasted effort was pulling me away from time that could be better invested on my business.

His down-to-earth advice, “If you want to DIY your website then get some coaching from someone who has done it!

In that moment, I realized that was the answer.

Despite all of the marketing hype, launching a website requires key organization, planning, and implementation strategy.

I acted on his advice.

That was in 2008. Today, a decade plus later, I am now the one to come alongside entrepreneurs, commission salespeople, network marketers, non-profit organizations, churches, and many others as their DIY your website coach.

I do for them what my guide did for me all those years earlier.

Launching a Website or Blog Not Magic Trick DIY Is Possible

I still own and manage a number of successful websites. I write eBooks, digital learning modules, and related training on how determined achievers can effectively launch their online presence.

And, like my associate suggested, I recommend contracting with someone like me who will come alongside, provide guidance, and then step-aside.

Determination to DIY your website to achieve your dreams and vision is not a magic trick. I am certainly no superhero. I listened to the advice I was given. I contracted with someone for guidance.

In time, when I was able to forge ahead on my own, he moved on.

That is now what I do. Clear away the pebbles, remove the big stones, provide instruction, and then move on.

My biggest joy, seeing the people I come alongside thrive after I step aside.

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