Blog Writing 6 Easy Action Steps
Make Money Online

Blog writing can be much more than just sharing something you have to say.

True, the internet is the perfect forum for your thoughts, ideas, opinions, inspiration, and much more.

Even better is that in sharing your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge blog writing is an excellent online opportunity to earn income.

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That is exactly what  I do. And I am not alone. Countless others do as well. And so can you make an income through blog writing.

The Internet Still a New Frontier

A question I am often asked is “If thousands of people have a blog, how can I make money blog writing?

The answer is, even at this stage in the life of the internet, we are still pioneers. We haven’t scratched the surface of opportunity for blog writing.

The big reason for this is that what you have to share is unique to you. You and I, even thousands of others, may write about the same topic on our blog. But how we present it, what our thoughts are, is unique to each of us.

Blog Writing for Dollars

Blog writing for dollars is a growing lucrative opportunity still to be mined on the internet. Specifically, an enterprising person, you for example, can always find a way to share information and make money through their blog.

Visualize this. You are connected with literally millions of people the world over who are all looking for something. If you have what they are interested in, then you can profit through your blog writing efforts.

Beyond Journalism Blog Writing Personal Life Experience Sells

Blogging was initially conceived as online journaling. It morphed to a stage where top level executives in business would blog write about their business.

Today a blog is for everyone and anyone who has something to share – or not. The ‘or not’ represents millions of blogs that are started with no real content of any significance.

Real Content Blog Writing Narrow Your Focus

Real content is something that your blog will need if you want to build a following. No followers, no audience means it will be much more difficult for you to make money off of your blog writing.

What is real content?

Real content is blog writing that attracts your audience. For example, let’s say you have a blog about playing chess. Are you focusing on beginners? Opening moves? Middle game? End game?

Here is a bonus tip. You will be more successful if you focus your blog writing on one target group. An example would be chess opening moves, as compared to trying to cover all the intricacies of the game of chess.

6 Easy Action Tips Make Money Blog Writing

The following six easy to implement action tips overview first steps in launching your blog on the right foot. Being aware of these will help you start a blog that you can monetize.

1. Start

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it. Yet you will find many people who say they are going to launch a blog but never get around to it. Don’t be that person.

You can start a blog at no cost. There are many blog platforms that are free.

I do not recommend the free blog platforms for any purpose other than practice.

The reason why I do not recommend free blog services is because you are restricted on what you can do. Most even restrict how you can monetize them. And it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to move your content on a free platform to a paid platform.

In saying all of the above, to get started, free is okay. Just be aware that free comes with restrictions.

2. Promote

Get the word out about your new adventure. Use social networking sites and social bookmarking sites to showcase your articles and posts.

Article marketing can also help you link back to your blog so people who like your work can read more.

In the beginning, you will have to actively work on promoting your blog writing. In time, as your following grows, you will not have to focus on promotion as much as your followers will do that by sharing your links and information.

3. Optimize

The acronym is SEO. It means search engine optimization.

One aspect of good SEO means that the search engine bots, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, scan your blog post and based on its content your post at the top, or at least on the first page of the search results people search for.

You can influence how the search engine bots determine what your post is about by using keywords.

Keywords are essentially a word or phrase people would request the search engines to look for. In our chess example, people search for ‘Chess end game moves’. In this post, the keywords that I want to rank for is blog writing. That is, when someone searches for ‘blog writing’, my goal is to have the search engines list this article at the top.

By-the-way, you include your keywords in your headlines, photo captions, taglines, and other places throughout your blog writing.

4. Sell Space

This is a tip many bloggers overlook in their blog monetization strategy. Your web site is prime real estate space. You can sell space to subscribers, visitors, and other bloggers.

Promoting affiliate products and services, known as affiliate marketing, is another way to make money blog writing. Here too you are still selling space. You many be using graphics, text ads, or just a basic link. But it is still space in your blog writing.

5. Blog for Others

Blog writing for others is a huge income opportunity. There are many web businesses that offer freelance blog writing services. If you are not familiar with Fiverr, check them out. Fiverr is a popular place where people source writers for their blog.

Plus, you can earn dollars by being a Fiverr Affiliate.

6. Consistency

To have a blog that makes money, you need to regularly add content. Your audience needs fresh material to read. That is how you keep making money from your blog. And it is also one of the keyways to continue to grow your audience. A good quality content blog can be self-perpetuating.

Summary Blog Writing 6 Easy Action Steps to Make Money Online

You can make money blog writing. It starts with launching a blog. Next is to follow a few basic steps.

Quality content is a must to keep your audience interested and to attract new followers.

Social media is one of the venues to promote your blog. As your audience grows focus on promotion will move to other areas like monetization.

There are countless ways to monetize your blog. And you can also make dollars by writing blog posts for others. Fiverr is an example of freelancers who do that.

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