Rent A Domain Name Features and Options

Rent a domain name provides opportunity to use a premium domain name at a fraction of the price to purchase it.

What is more inviting is that if you want to have a domain with just these key pages, About, Contact, Services or Products, and Privacy, it can be truly inexpensive compared to purchasing a domain name, hosting for that domain name, and then paying big bucks for someone to develop a website

Why Rent a Domain

You may be wondering, is skipping the cost of hosting and website development the only reasons why businesses, professionals, and entpreneurs would want to rent a domain name?

One word answer – NO!

Let’s say you are a realtor. You have a corporate website for your listings; probably listed under your broker or franchise’s name. You may even have a website under your name.

So why rent a domain?

Four words – “To get more leads“.

Realtors need leads to get sales. Not listings.

A realtor with leads can sell other broker’s listings and still make a handsome income.

The same is true for other professional service providers, self-employed contractors, insurance agents, plumbers, massage therapists, and on and on. Without leads, there is no new business. Without new business, you will eventually go out-of-business.

That is the harsh reality.

Rent a Domain Keyword Rich for Your Market

For rent on a red background

Condos in Your City

City scape Moncton, New Brunswick

Painter in Your City

When you rent a keyword rich domain name, you can use it for promotions, tracking where leads come from, targeting a specific market, and so much more.

For example, let’s say someone is searching for ‘condos’ in your city. Imagine if a Real Estate agent had access to ““.

Let’ say you live in Moncton. Someone searching for condos in Moncton would search for either “condos in Moncton” or type “” in the web browser.

When that happens, would forward to the Real Estate Agent renting this domain name.

Do you think that would bring in leads? 

Or how about a self-employed painter. Imagine if “” had a Request a Quote form or book appointment form on their rented domain name. Do you think that painter would get more jobs?

Absolutely. And so will you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to rent a domain name?

No. Our non-premium domain name monthly rent packages start at $ 11.95.

Are other services available?

Yes. If you would like the domain to include content such as an about you, services offered, contact you form, and a privacy policy, that can be arranged.

If you are looking for something more elaborate, we would recommend you to one of our affiliate partners.

What about email?

Email ending in the domain name is available.

For example, or All email can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Alternatively, through our IMAP feature, email can be seamlessly integrated with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and most any other email service provider you use.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Minimum rental period is 3-months. Payment is due one month in advance.

At this time, all invoicing is done through PayPal.

Are there other costs?

Yes. In addition to your monthly rental fee, there is an annual $39.95 administration fee. This fee is invoiced every 12-months. Rental fees are invoiced a month in advance. At this time, there is no discount for pre-paying.