8 Reasons Why You Should Own Your Name As A Domain Name

Your name as a domain is at a premium. As often as we hear “… you need a website..” what is missing is you really ought to register your name as a domain. As you read through this article, you will quickly discover there is a sense of urgency for you to act on registering your name.

In the following paragraphs, we will highlight eight reasons why. That is right, your name dot com is one domain you need to register!

True, you might not need it right now. Who knows what the future brings. For loads of people today, they see the World Wide Web as the 411 for not only finding stuff but for finding people as well. In a few years, it just might be too late to grab your name dot com.

Additionally, the way people think about personal websites is changing. Imagine the future, actually the future is now, where it is widespread practice for job hunters to share a link to their online CV with potential employers.

Future proofing yourself now is simply good sense. The future alternative is ending up with a weird website name because it is the only one that resembles your name.

By-the-way, another reason you may want to buy a dot com domain that matches your name now is because even if you never totally need it, preparing for tomorrow pays big dividends.

Of course, when you register a website name that matches your name, you do not absolutely need to link it to another website. We will review several alternatives for you below.

  1. Your Name As A Website It Is Who You Are

Your name represents who you are. If you are able to grab your name dot com today, do it. Protect it even if you never plan to create a website.

When you own your identity as a domain name, it means other less scrupulous individuals cannot. An example would be a disgruntled employee, neighbour, or anyone you crossed swords with or perhaps embarrassed in with in the past.

Reality is anyone can buy your name dot com. Scary thought.

What if you are not a business?

Answer. So, what!

Just because you are not a business owner or high profile person does not mean a personal domain should not be important to you. 

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2. Because You Can Use It Anywhere

In days gone by, one would have to buy hosting in order to have a website. Today that is no longer a requirement.

Blogging platforms like WordPress™, Drupal™, and Joomla™ are all compatible with custom domains.

This means you can retain the convenience of an active community and a free hosted blog while having the outward-facing professionalism a recognizable web presence affords you.

Better still you can use your personal website in a substantial number of places. Subdomains make that possible.

Bottom line is having a place on the world wide web can be a great advantage.

For example, today it is common for people to move from one employer or company to another more frequently than anytime in the past.

Similarly more employers, placement agencies, and headhunters recognize that just a resume on a LinkedIn profile is like saying your car has tires. It is a minimum expectation.

To get beyond the minimum, the solution is to invest in the website name that matches your first and last and use it to build a personal online brand.

  1. Own It Because It Builds Credibility

Another reason to register your name is because domains are authoritative.

A high-value website, like your name dot com, helps in establishing credibility. It provides a sense of professionalism. It gives legitimacy to who you say you are.

  1. Potential Employers Are Looking Online For You

Today it is no surprise when applying for a job that your potential employer has looked for you online.

Statistics show 80% of employers do a web search on applicants. Hence, having a simple website that includes your resume and a bio can go a long way to landing your dream job.

Additionally, potential customers, clients, and prospective business partners also use the world wide web as a resource in learning about you. 

  1. Personalized Email The Gold Stamp

Even if you chose not to create a website, when you register your name you can still have a personalized email address.

It really does not get any better than that in the email world.

When someone receives an email from you for the first time with your name dot com in the address bar, it moves you out of the basket of spammers who use Gmail™, Outlook™, Yahoo™, and other freebie email addresses. It gives you credibility!

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6. Digital World and Social Media

When you own your name as a domain name, it is a billboard that says you are embracing technology and the digital wave.

Hand-in-hand with this is, if you are fortunate enough to have a personal website, you can link it to your social media profiles.

Consider your personal website as the central hub between everything social. This means people can go flow between your social media accounts and see the same message, the same profile, the same story about you because you are controlling it through your website.

  1. Reputation Management

This is one of the top reasons for you to own the domain that matches your personal name.

By having full ownership, you control the content.

Just like a business, owning your name helps protect your brand. Yes, you are a brand!

Businesses call it reputation management. The same holds for people.

Do not trust social media to build your reputation. It is too easy for others to manipulate anyone’s social media accounts.

8. Snooze You Lose Someone Else Will Get It

The odds are that someone somewhere in the world has the same first and surname as you.

No matter how uncommon it seems where you live, the chance of someone having it outside of your community, in a different part of the country, or even on a different continent is staggeringly high.

If you are curious, just plug your name in a Google™ or Facebook™ search. You will be amazed at the number that will pop up.

If for no other reason, if at all possible register the domain that matches you simply because you do not want someone else getting it!

The fact is that for as long as that domain is available, anyone is able to get it.

Summary Why Register A Domain Name That Matches Your Name

You cannot escape the internet. It is everywhere.

There are oodles of reasons why you should register your name as a domain. It does not matter if you work for yourself, for someone else, or do not work at all.

Your name dot com is essential for reputation management and to ensure that your idenity is protected.

Achieving any of the above is extremely difficult when someone else owns your name as a domain name.

That is why there is a sense of urgency when you have the opportunity to register your name as a domain. This rarely happens. And when it does, the window to grab it is pretty narrow.

If your name is available, grab it now

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