3 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Email Address

Personal email address is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It is a ‘must have’.

By far, email is the most popular medium for business communication. It is quick, simple, extremely convenient, and allows for the addition of graphics, charts, attachments, and more.

Email is versatile and readily accessible. You can receive and read email just about anywhere. All that is required is an internet connection.

What Is A Personal Email Address

If you own a business, regularly interact with business owners, offer a product, personal service, or volunteer, you need an email address. What do we mean by ‘personal email address’?

A personal address is one that ends with your name. It is not a generic one like you@yahoo, you@gmail, you@outlook, or one of the other free email inbox providers.

It does not matter that Gmail is one of the most popular personal email services on the Internet. Having an @gmail address to conduct business is suspect. It does not have the professional impact an @yourname provides.

3 Reasons Why a Personal Email Address Wins

  1. Strong Personal Impression

A personal domain name shows you are serious about what you are doing, personal, business, or not-for-profit.

It demonstrates your desire to be recognized as serious and professional.

When you compare you@yahoo to you@yourname, you make a stronger personal impression.

And, I am confident you are aware that fraudsters, cyber-criminals, and the like target disaster on others using free email addresses.

Having an email address matching your name means that you are the only registered person to that domain name. You own the name for as long as you keep it registered!

In summary, when communicating with others on a business or professional level, a personal email address demonstrates you are serious about your email communication and are professional. A personal email address also enhances trust.

  1. Personal Email Address Builds Trust

The old saying is “People like to do business with people they know, like and trust.” When communicating through email, you might only be introducing yourself but the email address you are using is also part of the message.

For example, if you were looking for a gardener and two people with similar skills sent you an email which one would appear to be more trustworthy – bob@yahoo or bob@bobgreen?

Which would be more impressive?

True, answering these questions hint at being judgmental. Reality is, the bob@bobgreen is more impressive. It emanates professionalism and trust.

The same analogy is true when making a business connection.

If Sarah was reaching out to establish a potential business connection, would Sarah@gmail or Sarah@SarahSmith be more impressive?

If each email contained an attachment, say a resume, which one would  you be more likely to open? 

In summary, a personal email address wins out especially when making that first impression. By having a personal email address, you reduce the opportunities of your communication being overlooked as it promotes greater trust and professionalism.

3. Personal Email Address Improves Communication

The advantages of having your own domain extend beyond getting a personal email address.

Because you own the domain name, in addition to your personal email address you have the ability to create other email address. For example:

  • hello@yourname (for general email)
  • familymember@yourname (other members of the family can have their own personal email address)
  • FaceBook@yourname (many people use a different email address for social media to reduce spam)

The opportunities are endless.

I often create an email address for service providers. For example Bell@myname, BankName@myname. These make it easy for me to see important emails I should tackle quickly. And, if I start receiving unrelated email or spam to that email, it sometimes suggests the service provider has shared my information or has had a data breach.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Email Address Conclusion

Working from home or telecommuting is fast becoming the way of work. It is more and more common to meet someone who is working from home. It is more common to see people working from a favorite coffee shop and elsewhere outside of an office.

Similarly, because of the number of fraudsters using free email services, @gmail, @yahoo, @outlook, and similar generic email addresses,  email from people uses these type of addresses often end up in the junk box; not the inbox.

Your email address, especially when making that first connection, is part of the message. A personal one is more impressive. It is seen as more trustworthy. It gets opened.

Having a personal domain name allows you to create a personal email address for other family members. Plus, you can create different email addresses for social media and service providers.

Finally, not mentioned above, is that there is only one, yes only one you@yourname. There is only one domain name dot com that matches your name.

Reality is there are hundreds, thousands perhaps, of people who have the same name as you. If your name is available as a domain name, grab it. Don’t let someone else’s reputation tarnish yours.

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