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Lease a domain name provides business owners, professionals, contractors, sales people, and just about anyone who wants a web presence a premium domain name at a fraction of the cost to purchase, host, and manage it.

If you already have a website, why have another domain name? To attract more business. It is that simple.

Most large companies own many domain names. Some have a domain name for each product or service they provide. Others have multiple domain names to better capture the way in which people search on the internet. And the internet is the first place people search for local businesses.

Having multiple domain names that reflect where you are, Barrie or Houston, for example and what you offer, metal roofing, solar panels, dentures, for example give you a better chance of being found.

What About a Domain Name Same as the Business Name

Having a domain name that matches your business is a great start. And you should own the domain name that matches your business.

The challenge is the only people who would search for your services by your business name would be people who are already familiar with your business.

Someone searching for the services or products you provide would search by the name of the service they are looking for. For example, denture clinic Oakville, or plumber Brampton, or Toronto solar panels, etc.

To be found by these types of searches, which are by far how most people search, means you need to have either a domain name that reflects this type of search or you have someone who can do search engine optimization (SEO) to bring these types of searches to your website.

It's All About Budget and Opportunity

Having a web presence is a must for any business. What it boils down to is budget and opportunity.

Can you afford to have multiple domains is best answered by asking what is the value of one additional customer a year? Will one customer more than pay for your domain name investment?

For most businesses, this is a no brainer.

Why Lease a Domain

Why lease a domain name? Why not just buy it?

Leasing a domain name is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who are not yet ready to pay for hosting and someone to develop and maintain a website for them.

It is also an excellent option for people who would like to blog but do not want the hassle of learning hosting and the other skills associated with managing a website.

Leasing a domain name is ideal for giving you a web presence without the hassle of all the technical stuff that needs to be maintained.

Let’s say you are a realtor. You have a corporate website for your listings; probably listed under your broker or franchise’s name. You may even have a website under your name.

How will having access to more domain names assist you?

Four words – “To get more leads“.

Realtors need leads to get sales. Not listings.

A realtor with leads can sell other broker’s listings and still make a handsome income.

The same is true for other professional service providers, self-employed contractors, insurance agents, plumbers, massage therapists, and on and on. Without leads, there is no new business. Without new business, you will eventually go out-of-business. That is the harsh reality.

Lease a Domain Keyword Rich for Your Market

Domain Buyers Market Domain Name Listings

Condos in Your City

City scape Moncton, New Brunswick

Painter in Your City

When you lease a keyword rich domain name, you can use it for promotions, tracking where leads come from, targeting a specific market, and so much more.

For example, let’s say someone is searching for ‘condos’ in your city. Imagine if a Real Estate agent had access to ““.

Let’ say you live in Moncton. Someone searching for condos in Moncton would search for either “condos in Moncton” or type “” in the web browser.

When that happens, would forward to the Real Estate Agent renting this domain name.

Do you think that would bring in leads? 

Or how about a self-employed painter. Imagine if “” had a Request a Quote form or book appointment form on their rented domain name. Do you think that painter would get more jobs?

Absolutely. And so will you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to lease a domain name? (Lease Option 1)

No. To redirect a premium domain name in our listings to your existing website is only 9.95 per month.

I don't have a website, will you build one for me? (Lease Option 2)

Yes. If you would like a website that includes a home page, about you page, services offered page, contact page (including contact form), a privacy page, and a blog setup, we will do that for you.

Your investment, one time 99.95 for building the website. There is a monthly lease of 19.95. It includes maintenance, updates, back-up, 5 branded email addresses, 20-minute telephone consultation per month, and more.

If leasing, can I add Blog updates and post to the website?

Absolutely. We encourage you to do that. As part of our service we provide instruction on how to post content on your website.

Are there other costs?

Yes. There is an annual 39.95 administration fee. This is invoiced when you first lease the domain name and every 12-months thereafter.

Is there a minimum lease period?

Minimum lease period is 3-months. Invoicing is quarterly. For your security and protection, invoicing is done through either Stripe or PayPal. We will NEVER ask for payment or credit card information.

I'm just starting out, can I lease and then buy?

Absolutely. At anytime you may buy the domain name. If we developed a website for you, we will assist with a smooth transfer of content.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time. Our agreement will remain active until the end of your quarterly billing period. Because this is a technology and digital service, there is no pro-rated refund or refund of any kind.

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