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Just do a quick check on LinkedIn, Facebook, or your favorite social media platform.

Do it. See for yourself.

Right now, you have an amazing opportunity to take ownership of a digital asset that will likely only increase in value over time.

In fact, this could possibly be a once in a lifetime window to take control of your first and last name together as a dot com domain name!

Wait, and when someone else gets it, it might never be available again like this for you.

Even worse, you have absolutely no idea what use the new owner will make of a domain with a first and last name like yours. Is that something that’s okay with you?

Video: Why own your personal name as a domain name.


Purchase Option

Redirect Plus ...

This Special Offer is IDEAL for professionals and others who recognize the importance of reputation management.

For this low monthy rental fee, we take care of all the technical stuff.

You tell us where you would like the domain name redirected. For example, your LinkedIn profile, your contact page on your corporate website, maybe a professional society or networking website.

A huge PLUS! This Special Offer includes 3-email inboxes. For example, you@yourname, hobbies@yourname, office@yourname.

Even better – so long as your account is in good standing, no one else can buy this domain name or develop a website on it.

Peace of mind for less than a coffee and muffin a month.



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