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Why do people, organizations, and businesses buy domain names?

There are many reasons to buy domain names. A few are:

  • launch a business website
  • create an e-commerce or affiliate marketing website
  • have a website to represent a club or society, religious organization, political party, etc.
  • have a website to share about their work and collect donations for non-profits.

What is getting to be an even more common reason people buy domain names is simply to have a professional non-spammy email address.

Small business owners, professionals, and sales people recognize that a free email address does not portray the image of someone who is serious about their business. It makes one wonder about the reliability of a service provider who uses a generic Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other free email services to do business.

Other than a generic email address looking suspicious, it really does nothing to represent who you are or the services you provide.

Plus there are other reasons why you need to buy domain name that represents you.

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Buy Domain Names at Premium Discounted Prices

When it comes to buying a domain name, there are three essential decisions you need to preplan.

  1. Is the domain name to reflect a personal brand, a business, or a hobby?
  2. Will you be launching a website. Many people have a personal domain name registered and use it for email purposes only; no website associated with it. If you are going to be developing a website, you will require hosting.
  3. Will you be contracting out to get the support and services you need or are you a DIYer?


There are many reasons why one would want to buy a domain name. You do not need to contract out to build a website, you can be a DIYer and do it on your own.

One caution, do not fall for the lowest price when registering a domain name.

The lowest price generally requires you to accept a multi-year contract. In year two and forward you will be paying much more.

Plus, check out the services offered like email, back-ups, SSL, WordPress platform, and more. There should be no additional charge for any of these.

There also should be unlimited data and no charge if you ever want to move the domain name and hosting to another provider.

In short, the lowest domain registration fee is not always the best choice. Read the fine print. And if you are not sure, ask.