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Woman standing in front of white board with caption What’s in a Name A Look at Shakespeare Was He an Earthquake to Humanity?  By  

Shakespeare is known throughout the English-speaking world as a great playwright with his spectacular plays, and literature. In fact, his plays have been translated into most all popular languages around the globe. He definitely shook things up in England, and he did so through the arts, because a good amount of what he had to say probably could not have been spoken directly.

Whether you were a peasant in the “peanut gallery” or one of the aristocrats in the audience you would have enjoyed living in his period. The other day I was looking at his name; Shakespeare, and I broke it down – “shake e sphere” or “shake a sphere” and this got me into thinking of many philosophical issues, and even the irony in his name.

What if we wrote “Shake Sphere” in place of Shakespeare?

Well, if a large sphere shakes, a large sphere like a planet, we would call that a Mars Quake, Moon Quake, or perhaps, an Earthquake. Indeed you know in earthquake science there are S and P waves – and if we look at Shakespeare’s name we find both “S” and “P” as in “S-Shakes” and “P-Peare” – and I found this quite interesting. Indeed he did shake things up in his day, and his messages are still taught in the present periods.

Just as Thomas Paine shook his day, Shakespeare shook his own. Now then, this might make a great screenplay, but what if his name wasn’t an accident, what if the irony was the same as some of his characters and it wasn’t “just a coincidence?” We know that Shakespeare’s dad actually had that last name, so it is doubtful that William Shakespeare’s name was made up, so that he could live the life of a playwright with the name of a fictional character.

That is to say a screen name, similar to what people use online, when they post comments on forums, in the Virtual World. No, it “appears” Shakespeare was a real person, from a real family, and that was his real name. However, what are the chances of that? It sure makes you think doesn’t it?

It is often been asked; “what’s in a name?”

Apparently a lot, when it comes to William Shakespeare the famous playwright. And, one last point; what was the name of his theater? “The Globe” – ah ha, more irony indeed, he certainly shook the globe, challenged the King and Queen’s authority with his plays, and his writings, well his writings, indeed, they are still shaking up the world today. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank.

Note: All of Lance Winslow’s articles are written by him, not by Automated Software, any Computer Program, or Artificially Intelligent Software. None of his articles are outsourced, PLR Content or written by ghost writers.


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