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Daily Success Routine… what’s yours? Examine a day in the life of successful people, and you will discover they all have something in common – they have a focused daily success routine.

How does a Daily Success Routine support your success?

When folks ask me how I made millions in my multilevel marketing business, I refer to this quote from Keith Cunningham: “Ordinary things consistently done create extraordinary results.” There is no secret magic trick in this industry. The consistent actions you take every day compound and, with time, your team expands and payday gets bigger and bigger!

Have you heard about the doubling penny? Do the math and you’ll see that, if you double a penny every day for 31 days, it adds up to over $10 million. Do the same thing every OTHER day instead, and you will end up with a mere $300 bucks.

The reason some people achieve the top ranks in their company so quickly, is because they take action consistently, with a daily success routine. Starting and stopping is the slow route… consistency is what creates momentum.

Here is a 10-Step Daily Success Routine for You:

1. Review Your Goals

Your daily success routine starts with looking at your goals each day. When you review your goals, act as if you have already accomplished them. If you have a vision board, spend time looking at it daily, really feeling what it is like to have achieved those things.

2. Use Affirmations

The truth is, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to achieving a new level of success. What you say to yourself daily truly counts. Say affirmations to yourself in the mirror and cheer yourself on. It may seem silly, but who cares? Generating a positive mindset is key to your success.

3. Read Inspiring Books

Powerful thoughts and actions come from what you feed your brain every day. Ditch violent TV and drama-filled reality shows and, instead, curl up with a book or audio program that empowers you. I keep my inspiring books in a basket in my room so I always have something positive to read.

4. Call 5-10 New People

Make sure your daily success routine includes reaching out to new prospects. Schedule this outreach in your calendar to keep yourself accountable. This is key because contacting prospects is a primary income-generating activity!

5. Follow Up with Prospects

Just as critical to your daily success routine as reaching out to new prospects is following up! Remember, the fortune is in the follow up. If following up makes you nervous, just remember this quote by Dr. John Maxwell: “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

6. Get 10-20 NO’s

Not everyone is going to say YES. That’s a fact, so have some fun with it! If you are hearing NO, it means you are actually talking to people, so good for you! Set a goal to get 10-20 NO’s per day and watch how much easier it becomes to share your opportunity. (And, by the way… it’s rare to get all those NO’s without a few YES’s slipping in!)

7. Train Your Team

Be the sponsor you would want to have, by training the people in your downline and setting them up for success. This is how you duplicate your efforts. Help your new distributors create and their own daily success routine, and help them stick with it!

8. Promote Events

Whenever the leaders in your company are putting on live events and webinars, be sure to promote them. Spread the word to your team and prospects via social media updates, emails, and phone call reminders.

9. Host an Event

In addition to promoting big events, host your own! Have a party at your house, host a webinar, or invite your upline to get on a three-way call with you and a new prospect. When you put on the “host” hat, naturally take on a new level of leadership, and this pays off big time.

10. Tap into Your System

Every good network marketing company has a system to follow, including a set of tools, resources, and repeatable methods for sharing your opportunity and products. If everyone did things their own way, you would see a chaotic team with haphazard results. Plug into your system and teach others to do the same so you can duplicate and grow.

Okay, you have your daily success routine planned out… now what?

You have a great daily success routine, and now the trick is to stick with it. Print out this article and post it somewhere you will see it every day to keep it top of mind.

And, congratulate yourself! Celebrate your small successes, such as following your daily success routine. Give yourself bigger rewards (like a weekend vacation or fancy dinner) when you achieve the milestone goals you have set.

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