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Condo Rentals Feel Like A Second Home

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Whether you are planning a vacation for a group of friends or for the entire family, you may want to explore an option that is often overlooked, condo rentals.

There are many benefits to going this route and lots of options available. It’s a great way to accommodate more people together and can make your vacation more affordable.

To begin with, if you are staying in a hotel or motel, they generally don’t offer you any kind of kitchen facility. That means that you pretty much need to eat in some kind of restaurant for every meal, or try to stock up on a few non-perishable items or things small enough to fit in that tiny little refrigerator in the room. This can get kind of expensive if your trip is more than a couple of days, not to mention that it’s inconvenient to have to get dressed and head out the door for every meal. Of course room service is available in most hotels, but that really starts to pad the bill over a week’s time.

With vacation condo rentals, you get all the benefits of home, including a full kitchen, so you can prepare meals that you want when you want them and stock up on plenty of things like snacks and beverages. This saves you walking down a public hall in your pajamas at midnight to get a can of soda or bag of chips from a vending machine.

Another benefit to condo rentals is space. Unless you are renting a pricey suite, most hotel rooms are just a single room with a bed or two and nothing but a couple of uncomfortable chairs to sit on. During a vacation there is a certain amount of “down time” where you will want to have a place to sit and relax, but hotel rooms are kind of cramped and lobby areas aren’t very private. A nice furnished living room is an oasis at the end of the day and helps you feel more rested for the next day’s adventure.

One other thing to consider is that you usually have separate bedrooms in a condo. Rentals like this offer you a way to let the kids have a place to play while mom and dad relax a bit. It also offers couples vacationing together the privacy they need while also including a nice social center to be together with friends. Trust me, after a couple of days having to get together in the bar or restaurant, it gets a little old, and you will be happy to have a living space of your own to hang out.

If you factor in the costs of multiple hotel rooms, plus the food and drink expenses, and the cramped conditions of hotel rooms, and compare it to condo rentals, you will find that in most cases, it’s a much better way to go.


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